Join Our Review Team


Love to read?  Enjoy helping others unearth the next great novel they’re bound to love?

The Women’s Fiction Review is looking for a few good reviewers to join our staff.  Our focus is on positive reviews of books we love — and love to talk about!  Our philosophy is that there is very little better than discovering a breathtaking novel, other than sharing that novel with another!

side-join_our_team Our goal is to find reviewers who, like us, loves to read and who also understands the magic of finding a really good book.  The position isn’t hard, but here is what we’re looking for:

  • Someone who can commit to reading at least one book per month and reviewing that book in a timely manner.  Since we focus on positive reviews, we know not every one will be a slam-dunk-home-runner, and that it may take some time to find something you love.  To that end, we will supply you with a list of tour companies with which we have standings that have books up for review, from there it is up to you — you can read blurbs and pick what you want.  We also encourage you to discover what you love in the process of helping others.  If you opt to purchase a book to read, we’re fine with that.  If you opt to troll Goodreads for giveaways, we’re fine with that, too.  Whatever way you choose to find a book to read, know that we support it entirely, but please also note that we cannot reimburse you for the cost of reading material.
  • Join the Coffee Klatch.  Once a week we’ll have a chat about something relevant (publishing, changes in the industry, book covers, hot topics, etc.), We’d ask that you join in the discussions.  These are designed to be fun chances for readers of the blog to get to know you.  We will send out the topic a week before — writing up a short or long reply, depending on your authentic reaction, will suffice, then feel free to interact with readers as the week goes along. If you choose not to participate, it is also all right.
  • Have a Twitter account, as well as a Facebook page.  We will be blasting books we feature, not spamming books we feature.  One or two timely tweets and a Facebook mention will be enough.
  • An understanding of what Women’s Fiction is and a love of the genre.
  • Have an e-mail account from which you can send your reviews to our main e-mail address.
  • Have an interest in independent writers and a willingness to read their material.
  • Have a Kindle or Nook or the inclination to read on your computer, phone, iPad — some of our writers will be submitting electronic manuscripts for your review — in your section of “Meet the Reviewers” you can also specify which format you prefer.

What we look for in reviews:

We’re looking for well-written, exploitative reviews.  Anyone can tell you a book is good … we want you to tell us why the book is good, and why everyone should read it.

No matter what, we would NEVER ask you to falsify a review or review a book positively if, in your opinion, the book does not deserve a positive review.

What you should know:

Any reviews written by you will be posted to Goodreads, Barnes & Noble and Amazon, possibly under the umbrella of The Women’s Fiction Review.

Perks For Writers:

Joining up as a reviewer is a great opportunity to grow your own readership.  By becoming a reviewer of TWFR blog, you will have a section on the site dedicated to your own novels as well as the ability to share your biography and important links with visitors.

Interested in applying?  Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!

*About the example review:  We’d like to get a feel for you as a reader and reviewer.  This review can be previously published and does not need to be original.  Feel free to copy a review you’ve posted on any site.  Also, feel free to include the names of writers you already love so we can get a feel of the books you may gravitate towards.



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