Review Submission Guidelines

Interested in having your book reviewed by The Women’s Fiction Review?  At the bottom of this page you will find a form to submit your novel for consideration, but first please read through our guidelines.

Here is what you need to know:

  • We only review books we love, for that reason we cannot accept all novels submitted to us.  We understand that that does sounds vague, but consider it like this: When you’re browsing in a book store, sometimes you connect with a novel and sometimes you don’t.  We encourage you to submit your novel to us for consideration and we will be in touch regardless.  If we cannot offer you a review, we’d still love to feature you, if your book is a good fit for TWFR — this may mean an author interview, a feature, a highlighted passage of text chosen by you.  We love to assist authors in their journey of publication and we’re here to help!
  • We can ONLY accept Women’s Fiction.  While Women’s Fiction tends to be nebulous, we still choose to stay as close to the genre-given guidelines as possible and read within the following sub-genres: Contemporary, Literary, New Adult, Romance, Chick-lit, Up-Market (book club books).  
  • We cannot/will not read, review or feature erotica.  While we respect and appreciate all genres of literature and see the merit in them, this site isn’t the right fit for that sort of novel.  We suggest visiting What to Read After Fifty Shades of Grey for promotional opportunities.
  • We DO NOT “sell positive reviews” …if you get one, it’s because you’ve earned it.
  • We DO close for submissions from time to time due to a backlog of reviews pending.  If we are closed, please DO NOT submit to us, we will not read the material sent.  We apologize for this and wish you the best in your promotional ventures.
  • Please, please, please DO NOT send unsolicited material to us, due to the volatile nature of the internet we cannot open any unrequested documents.
  • All reviews you receive from The Women’s Fiction Review will be posted on Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  We hope this helps you!

Qualifications for submission:

  • Your book must fit into the genre of Women’s Fiction or it’s sub-genres to be considered for a review, feature, interview or highlight.
  • You must have a Twitter handle and Facebook page.  We ask that you “follow” and “friend” our reviewers. and in return we’ll do the same.  This will help on the day of your review/interview/feature.
  • You must have a digital copy of your book available OR a print copy of your book you’re willing to send to a reviewer.
  • Your book must be recent, published within a 4 year (+/-) window of time.  Novels older than 4 years of age need to have a “hook” to be featured, i.e: cover overhaul, rewritten blurb, giveaway, or be part of a larger tour.

Different Appearances Available:

  • Review – A comprehensive review of your novel in its entirety.  Includes links to your novel, blurb, pricing, author bio and image of your cover.
  • Interview – 5-to-10 questions about your book and you as the novelist.  Includes links to your novel, blurb, pricing, author bio and image of your cover.
  • Feature – Includes blurb, links to your novel, pricing, author bio, and image of your cover.
  • Highlight – 500 words of your choosing from the text from your book.  Includes links to your novel, blurb, pricing, author bio and image of your cover.

Rating System:

product-render-2product-render-2product-render-2product-render-2 product-render-2

5 TWFR Stamps – It was amazing, a new favorite.


4 TWFR Stamps – Really good, highly enjoyable


3 TWFR Stamps – We liked it.

Some of the many questions we receive & the answers to them:

Is my book Women’s Fiction?

Rebecca Vnuk wrote an awesome piece on “Defining Women’s Fiction” that should aide you in answering that ambivalent question.  Read it HERE.

What if you start reading my book and dislike it?

Unfortunately this happens as reading is a very subjective beast. If a reviewer is unable to “get into” your novel or connect with the story it is our responsibility to reach out to you.  We will offer a feature or interview or highlight instead.

How long does the review process take?

Truthfully, it depends on a number of factors, but mostly it depends on “real life.”  Some of us are working authors, mothers, students and so forth.  We read for pleasure.  If you have a “deadline”, the sooner you can submit, the better.  We operate on a first-come/first-serve basis, but will accommodate the “important dates” when we can.

My book was published a while ago but I want to boost sales now, can I still submit?

Some books are sleepers and go on to become best-sellers years after their publication.  We encourage you to send  your information in regards to an up-to four year old novel for consideration.  And remember, a promotional blitz is a great opportunity to revamp your cover or shake up your blurb.

If your featuring me, do I need to do anything else?

We never require an author to do anything.  However, it’s highly recommended (and worth considering) to let your appearance on TWFR coincide with another promotional effort.  Some suggestions that have worked include:  A limited-time sale, a giveaway, a larger blog tour.

 Do you read independently published books?

Sure do.  Fill out the form and send it along!

What about novellas, serials, series and short-stories?

Yes, yes, yes and yes!

There is a particular reviewer on your site I’d like to have read my book, is that possible?

Of course it is!  Please enter the name of the reviewer you’d like under Reviewer Request.  However, please note that we cannot guarantee the reviewer will be available.

The Fine Print:

By submitting to have your novel reviewed by The Women’s Fiction Review (TWFR) you consent to having your novel read and reviewed by a contributor to this page.  You understand that the review you receive will be an honest one.  

The Women’s Fiction Review (TWFR) makes no promises nor guarantees of sales, future promotions or length of time you will be featured on our page.  

Please note that the opinions expressed on this website are just that … opinions.  The Women’s Fiction Review (TWFR) and it’s contributors are to be held harmless for any opinions expressed on this page, Twitter, Facebook and any/all other sites.  



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